Long-term nuts intake and metabolic syndrome: A 13-year longitudinal population-based study

Year Published: 2018


Clinical Nutrition


Razieh Hassannejad, Noushin Mohammadifard, Marjan Mansourian, Masoumeh Sadeghi , Hamidreza Roohafza, Nizal Sarrafzadegan


This was a 13-yr longitudinal study in 1,387 adults 35 yrs and older in the Isfan Cohort Study in Iran. Diet was measured by a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). Authors tested the relationship between nut intake and risk and severity of metabolic syndrome (MetS). They used logistic regression and mixed effect modeling to test this statistically.

Key Findings

Key Findings: There was an inverse association between severity of MetS in the 2nd quartile of nut consumers compared with the lowest quartile (p=0.03). Nut intake was associated with decreased risk of MetS in the 2nd quartile vs the lowest quartile of nut consumers.