Peptidomics-based study of antihypertensive activity: discovery of novel ACE inhibiting peptides from peanut yogurt

Year Published: 2024


Food Funct


Baiyan Chen 1 , Xiaoying Wang 1 , Jiuyan Zhang 1 , Li Wang 1


Studies have confirmed that yogurt has the activity of regulating blood pressure because it is rich in probiotic-fermented food-derived active peptides. There are also studies on angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition (ACEI) peptide milk, but the bioactive molecules in it are still unclear. Therefore, in this study, we developed a peanut yogurt with ACEI activity, analyzed 1877 differential peptides and their antihypertensive pathways before and after fermentation using peptidomics, and identified three peptides (FLPYPY, QPPPSPPPFL and APFPEVFGK) with potential antihypertensive activity using molecular docking and chemical synthesis techniques.

Key Findings

Key Findings: These results first elucidated the relationship between peanut yogurt peptides and antihypertensive function, demonstrated the benefits of peanut yogurt, and provided a theoretical basis for the application of probiotic fermented plant yogurt in health care.