Plant-sourced cooking oil consumption is associated with lower total mortality in a longitudinal nationwide cohort study

Year Published: 2020


Clin Nutr


Wu F, Mao L, Zhuang P, Chen X, Jiao J, Zhang Y


This study examined 14,305 Chinese adults 20 years and older in the Chinese Health and Nutrition Survey. The aim was to identify the relationship between cooking oil consumption and mortality, or premature death.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Intakes of plant-sourced cooking oils, including peanut oil, were associated with lower total mortality risks (risk of premature death). Substituting plant cooking oils for animal cooking oils were also associated with lower total mortality. This is a positive finding for peanut oil, however, these results should be interpreted cautiously for now. A similar study showed an increase in type 2 diabetes risk with peanut oil consumption. This increase in risk likely points back to the way the oil was used in cooking and not necessarily the oil itself. Still, the finding of a lower total mortality with peanut oil consumption in this cohort is notable.