Relationship of tree nut, peanut and peanut butter intake with total and cause-specific mortality: a cohort study and meta-analysis

Year Published: 2015


Int J Epidemiol


van den Brandt PA, Schouten LJ


This study used data from the Netherlands Cohort Study, which examined 120,852 men and women aged 55-69. Dietary surveys provided information on nut intake. Authors looked at the relationship between nut (peanuts and tree nuts) and peanut butter intake and mortality.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Consumption of nuts, including peanuts, was associated with a significantly reduced mortality risk. There was a 17% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease mortality and a 44% reduced risk of dying from neurodegenerative diseases in participants who consumed 10g/day or more of nuts compared with those who consumed none.